See some cool videos of hot coasters from the ScreamRide community!

ScreamRide UGC Video



Today Xbox Wire featured an awesome story on ScreamRide which included the exclusive new video of exciting community-created content!

Our very own first-ever community co-host for the official ScreamRide livestream, Braders77UK (you can check out his Twitch channel here) was included in the video along with our other talented community members PointofTime, Mr. Reaper, and Autobum.

Click Read More to see the video!  Don’t forget to visit our official ScreamRide page on Facebook to let us know what you think.


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ScreamRide featured in this week’s Deals With Gold!



If you’ve been wondering whether or not to get ScreamRide, this is the perfect time to do it!  ScreamRide is featured in Deals With Gold this week which means Xbox Live Gold members get it 33% off.  Not only can you create your own awesome rollercoasters, you can play some of the thousands of coasters uploaded by the community.  There’s always something to scream about in ScreamRide!

Click here to visit the store page.

Click here to visit the official ScreamRide page on Facebook.

Don’t forget to watch the official ScreamRide livestream every Tuesday at 10 am Pacific on  We feature special guest hosts from the community!

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Inside Microsoft Studios: Meet a Producer from Xbox Fitness

Since we’ve featured people from the HoloLens team for the past two weeks, we made sure to search around for people from one of the other awesome teams within Microsoft Studios. Xbox Fitness quickly came to mind as a team we have yet to talk with. I love using Xbox Fitness and was curious about the people behind it. So, a few emails and a brief meeting later, we have our Q & A from a member of the Xbox Fitness team to share with you!

Everyone, Meet Andrea!

Andrea ready to start the day.


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