Minecraft’s Title Update is out now for Xbox One & Xbox 360!

Minecraft Title Update


Witches, Withers, and Horses- oh my!

The much-anticipated title update to Minecraft on Xbox One & Xbox 360 releases today (coming soon to PlayStation).  The update includes horses, withers (a player-created “boss mob”), witches (hostile villagers that throw potions at the player), and much more.  Be sure to join us at 3pm Pacific today on http://twitch.tv/microsoftstudios to see the new title update in action AND to win some Minecraft DLC codes!

Click read more below to see what was added & see more pics.


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New release: Kalimba!



We’ve looked at Kalimba a couple times already, and now you can too! Kalimba officially launches today, and to celebrate, we’ll be livestreaming the game during our Lunch Hour show. Tune in at noon Pacific for the action, and who knows? We might give away a code or two for the game during the show! (We will totally give away a code or two during the show) :)

Kalimba is a unique puzzle platformer from Press Play (creators of Max: The Curse of Brotherhood), where each player controls 2 pieces of a totem pole simultaneously. Kalimba is available for $9.99US on Xbox One, and is scheduled for a release on PC in January.



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