Just Press Pause – Introduction


Many of you who have followed our social media channels for any length of time have witnessed some of the changes we’ve gone through over the past few weeks and months. There have been changes to our streaming schedule, our Twitter channel and we even have a whole new website to post news announcements and original content to. Part of this renovation occurred internally and included a review of all of the games published by Microsoft our Microsoft Studios community team technically supports and how we can best support them.


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State Of Decay: #2MMinutes Gets You An Xbox One


Would you like a chance of winning a free Xbox One? Of course you would. Undead Labs sold two million copies of State of Decay and to celebrate they are hosting a number of events throughout the month to thank the community for their support of the game. Their latest promotion is offering not one but two Xbox One consoles to a pair of lucky winners. The entry process seems fairly simple, so there’s no reason not to try. According to their website:


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MicrosoftStudios Twitch.tv Schedule – 10/20-10/24


Looking to get your fill of Microsoft Studios’ Twitch streaming for the week? We got you covered. Check out what you can find coming from our Twitch.tv channel from October 20th-24th.

Monday October 20th
10am-12pm PDT – Minecraft Mondays
12pm-1pm PDT – The Lunch Room – MonsieurV3rt
Tuesday October 21st
10am-12pm PDT – Adventure Mode Activated
12pm-1pm PDT – The Lunch Room – IamPREZSTEVE
1pm-3pm PDT – Zoo Tycoon & Friends
Wednesday October 22nd
10am-12pm PDT – Rise of Nations
12pm-1pm PDT – The Lunch Room – TheMikeRobles
Thursday October 23rd
10am-12pm PDT – Adventure Mode Activated
12pm-1pm PDT – The Lunch Room – rukizzel
1pm-3pm PDT – Throwback Thursday
Friday October 24th
10am-12pm PDT – Fighting Fridays
12pm-1pm PDT – The Lunch Room – USN Saint
3pm-4pm PDT – Casual Friday

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Extra Life – Doing it for the kids

I wanted to take this opportunity to share some important news. We’ve teamed up with Extra Life to help raise money for children in need. Extra Life is a charity raising money for Children’s Miracle Network hospitals. It’s a cause that’s very near to my heart, as I spent a few weeks in the hospital shortly after I was born. I can definitely say that without the care I received there, I wouldn’t be there today. Likewise, I have several friends whose young children have battled or are still battling serious disease and illness. I’m sure most, if not all, of you also have similar stories and connections.

And so, it is in this spirit that we embark on this mission together. We’ll be playing games for 24 hours straight on October 25th to help raise funds. We’ll also be streaming the whole thing on Twitch.tv/xbox. We invite you to join us! Donate directly to the cause, or join our team and help spread the word.

We talked with Rick H., the community manager for Extra Life, at PAX. If you want to know more about the program, check out the replay, or check out the Extra Life homepage linked above.

Just in case doing good by itself isn’t enough of a reward for you, we do have a few goodies to help sweeten the pot. If you join the team and help raise money, you could qualify for some awesome Extra Life rewards. We’ve also got some great swag from groups within Microsoft Studios to give away, so check out the donation page, and keep an eye out for updates.

And last but certainly not least, if we work together and raise $10,000 total, I will shave my beard! That’s right, BarbarossaBlade, the team redbeard, will ditch the beard. Gone. I might have to find a new name – can’t very well call myself redbeard without a beard, can I?

I’ll probably look like I’m 17 again, but it will be worth it. After all, we’re doing it for the kids.

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