Build Halloween Worlds With New Minecraft Texture Packs


Halloween is creeping its way into Minecraft with Steampunk and Halloween Texture Packs, both available tomorrow. Give your worlds a spooky look with the Halloween Texture Pack, free for all Xbox One and Xbox 360 miners worldwide. Or, create your own Industrial Revolution with the Steampunk Texture Pack, inspired by the Victorian era and available for $1.00 USD (regional prices vary). Both packs include a themed user interface to suit the textures, as well as completely new texture sets that can be applied to new or previously-created worlds. (more…)

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Introducing the Casual Games Corner!


Welcome to the Casual Games Corner! This weekly blog will highlight some of the overall happenings in the Microsoft Casual Games. Don’t worry, we’ll still make posts for events, new collections, etc.  This just is a rundown of all the exciting Microsoft Casual Games action over the past week in one convenient place.

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MicrosoftStudios Schedule – 10/27-10/31


We’re back with another awesome week filled with great content. Check out what you can find coming from our channel from October 37th-31st.

Monday October 20th
10am-12pm PDT – Minecraft Mondays
12pm-1pm PDT – The Lunch Room – MonsieurV3rt
Tuesday October 21st
10am-12pm PDT – Adventure Mode Activated
12pm-1pm PDT – The Lunch Room – IamPREZSTEVE
1pm-3pm PDT – Zoo Tycoon & Friends
Wednesday October 22nd
10am-12pm PDT – Rise of Nations
12pm-1pm PDT – The Lunch Room – TheMikeRobles
Thursday October 23rd
10am-12pm PDT – Adventure Mode Activated
12pm-1pm PDT – The Lunch Room – rukizzel
3pm-5pm PDT – Throwback Thursday
Friday October 24th
10am-12pm PDT – Fighting Fridays
12pm-1pm PDT – The Lunch Room – USN Saint
3pm-4pm PDT – Casual Friday

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World Of Tanks: Xbox 360 Edition – Vive la France!



Welcome to our latest update, featuring the addition of the French tank line — Vive la France!

France has a lot of varied and interesting vehicles of every type, so we invite you to give their Tech Tree a try, from the mobile, high-tier AMX light tanks and Premium FCM 50 t to tank destroyers like the Foch and Premium FCM 36 Pak 40, each of these vehicles bring a unique experience and playstyle.


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Design a villain mask & win a Fable Legends beta key!


Lionhead Studios is getting into the Halloween spirit and encouraging all Fable fans to do the same.  This contest is open to fans in all countries and the top 5 villain mask designs will be given a Fable Legends beta access key.

To help get your creative juices flowing, the Fable team has even provided a template to start your artistic creation. Once you’ve created your masterpiece, just email it in with your gamertag and country.

For more information (as well as to get the template & entry details), visit the Fable forums:—Win-Closed-Beta-Access.aspx

You can see some of the designs already submitted on the Fable page on Facebook –

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