Extra Life Sneak Peek – #IDARB!

IDARB_LogoIt’s time for the final reveal for our Extra Life stream! We’ve got the wonderful opportunity to play one of the hot games coming out of the ID@Xbox program – #IDARB! And you (yes YOU!) can get in on the action. You see, #IDARB is a unique game that allows the audience to directly affect the gameplay via Twitter and Twitch chat. Be sure to tune in to see how it works. And to make it even better, we’ll be joined by Frank Cifaldi, designer at #IDARB developer Other Ocean!

For the full schedule and event information, check out our Extra Life team page.

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This Week in Happy Wars…


The Happy Wars 2nd Anniversary celebration month continues this week, with bargain prices at the Item Shop.

The Item Shop bargain sale campaign features 33% off for support items, and “Class Stickers” are a whopping 50% off!
“Class Stickers” are a support item used when playing Happy Card, to limit the obtained item to a specific Class. Class Stickers don’t have to be used immediately — save them for when you need them.
This is a huge opportunity to pick up Class Stickers for when a special item comes up that you can’t afford to miss.

The “Castle Defense” rules are still available since last week.
Repel the waves of man-eating plants from outer space and pick up deluxe reward items!

New items lined up for Happy Card include the weapons “Dark Lance” for Warriors, “Ogre Claws” for Clerics, and “T-Rex Wand” for Mages.
These new items as well as Halloween items are easier to get in this week’s Happy Card Limited Edition.

The Item Shop bargain sale campaign, Castle Defense rules, and this week’s Happy Card Limited Edition continue until October 29 (Wednesday).

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Experience the Awesomepocalypse!

….And do it a few days early! We’ve worked really hard to make it happen, and now I’m happy to announce that we’ll be streaming a special preview of Sunset Overdrive during Extra Life this weekend!so-l2-jpg

It’s one of the most anticipated games of the year, and we’re giving you a chance to check it out before you can buy it. Find all the details over on our Extra Life team page.

Update: And to make it even better, we’ll be joined by Insomniac Lead Writer Jon Paquette!

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Project Totem Preview!

If you’ve been keeping up with the blog, you’ve seen that we’re working on a very special livestream this weekend. It’s Extra Life, and we’ll be streaming 24 straight hours for charity. One of the first questions we got after announcing that was, “Well, what games are you going to play?” I’m excited now to finally be able to make an announcement in this regard.TotemPiece52

We’ll be showing a sneak peek of the upcoming game from Press Play, Project Totem! And to make it even better, members of Press Play will be joining us via Skype to answer questions about the game! You may know Press Play from their incredible Xbox One game, Max: The Curse of Brotherhood, and their recent Windows Phone release, Tentacles: Enter The Mind. If you’ve played either of these games, you know you’re in for a treat with Project Totem.

Join us beginning at 9:00am Pacific for Extra Life, and be sure to tune in Saturday starting at 11:00am Pacific (6:00pm UTC) on Twitch.tv/xbox for the Project Totem reveal, and stay tuned for more Extra Life announcements!

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Microsoft Minesweeper – Introducing October’s Sensational Sweeper, Matthew Resistance!


It’s time once again to recognize one of our fantastic Minesweeper players! This month, our Sensational Sweeper is Matthew Resistance, who has been an avid player and has earned many, many awards in the game. Matthew shared this screenshot with us, just look at all those Gold and Diamond badges! Congratulations, Matthew!

Do you know someone who should be recognized for their accomplishments in Minesweeper? Let us know!

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