Minecraft: Crafting with the Community, Ep. 1

Minecraft Crafting with the Community


This is our regular Minecraft blog where we will be showcasing some of the fantastic creations of the Minecraft: Xbox 360 and Minecraft: Xbox One community.

Special thanks for our Crafting with the Community logo, made by Cognitive Faux!

This week we were given a grand tour of this world which was built by the admins (and friends of) of the Minecraft XBOX 360 Edition fan group on Facebook.  They treated us to not just one but TWO worlds that they created- both had some of the most amazing builds!

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D4: The ROCK BAND video game collaboration costume DLC will be re-released on 1/7

16-9 Image_CU_2

Thank you very much for playing D4: Dark Dreams Don’t Die.

We apologize for the issue we had with the ROCK BAND clothing pack DLC and that we had to take it down from the Xbox Store. We have figured out the issue and decided to re-release the proper content on January 7th.

For those who have already downloaded this DLC, please delete and re-download it to get the proper content when it becomes available.
We apologize for the inconvenience caused by this issue, and appreciate your patience until the proper content gets released.

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Fable Legends Beta Infographic

Fable Legends Infographic

The end of 2014 is nearing and the Fable team is taking a moment to reflect on the adventures of the first ever Closed Beta testers. Whether you’re in the Closed Beta or not, thank you for your support so far. 2015 will be a huge year for Fable Legends and the Fable team will be inviting many more of you to join us in ancient Albion in the New Year!

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Two Great Tastes that Taste Great Together – or – You got your Kalimba in my #IDARB!

In a great confluence of events, Kalimba launched on the same day our friends at ID@Xbox were showing off #IDARB on their Twitch show. It didn’t take long for the streams to cross, and the Kalimba totem pieces were brought to #IDARB! Check out the new Kalimba Visual Guide below, then hit the jump to see these great custom characters! Send us your Kalimba creations and fan art, and you might see them here on the blog as well!


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