Age of Empires: Castle Siege Defensive Strategies

The official Age of Empires: Castle Siege forum is one of the most active Age of Empires communities on the web. If you’re a new player looking for strategies or ways to improve, those forums harbor an abundance of useful information. Sometimes, there’s a post that’s so incredibly useful that it needs more eyes on it via the blog. This post from forum user spirits is one of those.

spirits has compiled a list of popular defensive strategies from the community. If your current defense isn’t working out, or if you just want to try something new, consider one of these.


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Fable Legends is coming to PC with Windows 10!

Lionhead Studios are thrilled to announce that Fable Legends will be launching on Windows 10 PC as well as Xbox One later this year.

Fable Across Xbox And PC

Fable Legends will bring both Windows 10 PC and Xbox One players together in the best looking Albion yet. For the first time, Fable fans will be able to play together co-operatively or competitively across devices as Heroes or as the Villain. The choice is yours!

Got questions? Watch this video to hear the inside scoop (oh, and check out the castle):

You’ll almost certainly have more questions – don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Head to the official FAQ now and join the discussion on the forums!

Finally, don’t forget to log into your Fable Legends account and flag your interest for testing either Windows 10 PC, Xbox One – or both!

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World of Tanks Xbox 360: The Supertest Program

Hey World of Tankers!

As you may or may not know, each new feature, update and improvement brought to this game is rigorously tested not only by the internal Quality Assurance department, but also by a team of external players from the World of Tanks community! This team is called Supertest, and it wants you!


Here’s some more information about Supertest from the official site:

The Supertest Program

Supertest is a volunteer program with players from many different backgrounds and skill levels, all of whom are united under the common goal of improving the World of Tanks: Xbox 360 Edition experience. About once a week, Supertesters take time out of their day to poke and prod potential changes to the game. Over the course of the year, Supertest has tried out new content such as map additions, making sure each element is destructible when it should be. They have also checked each tank line addition to make sure every vehicle can be researched and purchased. Then, they give their feedback and opinions back to the development team for review!

Think you have what it takes? The Supertest program usually has application phases available every few months, but here’s what it takes to make the cut:

  • Must be at least 18 years of age
  • Minimum of 2,000 battles played in World of Tanks: Xbox 360 Edition
  • Must have an active Forum account for World of Tanks: Xbox 360 Edition
  • Available to attend Supertest Sessions on Wednesdays between 10 AM and 8 PM PST. (Not the whole time but within that window)
  • Have strong English communication skills”

If you’re interested and meet the requirements, keep an eye on the forums for open application periods.

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