World of Tanks Xbox 360: Wrath of Ares Competition



Good news, World of Tank fans. There’s a competition going on this week that you won’t want to miss. It’s going on now, so check it out before it’s over!

“Ready to unleash the wrath of Ares and devastate your enemies? You might end up earning extra Gold and Premium time as a reward from the mighty god of war! This week’s competition requires you to bring your big guns and rack up those damage points against the enemy, making you one of the world’s top in damage, while driving the community’s favorite armored vehicles. Details on how to win below.”

Start Time: Wednesday, April 15, 17:00 PDT / April 16, 00:00 UTC
End Time: Sunday, April 19, 16:59 PDT / 23:59 UTC

How to participate: Just play the game! Any regular random battle in a designated vehicle is a qualifying entry. For more information on the event, prizes, and which vehicles are eligible, check the official news post.

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Kalimba coming to PC, new modes and DLC for both platforms!

kalimba-hero-artKalimba is expanding – in more ways than one. As announced on GamesRadar, the game will soon be available on PC via Steam. Additionally, the game will be expanded with additional modes, and DLC level packs (which will be FREE for the first two weeks after release!). All of this is happening in just one week, on April 22nd. For more information, head over to GamesRadar.

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Inside Microsoft Studios: Meet Someone from the Age of Empires Franchise.. Ryan!

This week’s Inside Microsoft Studios is all about getting to know someone who’s worked with the Age of Empires franchise. Some of our team members know this person pretty well, and they tossed his name out to me. A few emails and a pesky office visit later, we got all the info we needed to share what it’s like to work with the Age of Empires titles and to be on more of the production side of gaming. Ok everyone, meet Ryan!




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